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Commissioned portrait of sparky.
India ink and water colour.
One of several photo references provided by client.


Camelid Veterinary Services, UK

Sasino - Purified Bottled Water
Dominican Republic



Pet Portrait:
Mother and Son - Jada on bottom, punk playful boy champion English Bully son Ricky on top :)
Watercolour and ink :)
More coming in the new year!! :)


Feathertale 6

These are a few new pieces I did for Feathertale 6 (
The stories were pretty odd and funny - so pick up your copy today! (go to their website! ;) )

The Nanny Dog

A piece for my dog's daycare provider, she is expecting a baby - this is her dog Banshee and a baby to represent the future bond between a dog and a child.

First drawing is a preliminary sketch to get the feel for the dogs character and shapes - the final is a caricature of the dog in pen and ink and water colour.


Stereotypes and Breaking Them

Personal piece regarding stereotypes with people and pets.
Watercolour and ink.


It's been a while, but I'm still producing artwork!!
A recent commission for Steel City American Bulldogs.
Included is some closeups and process work.

Another nursery piece for a friend, elephants are good luck in her culture and her name began with an S as did her soon to be emerging baby's name - so there are little 's's on the mommy and baby's foreheads.


The masks we hide ourselves with...

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing...


Some Designs for Blue's Story

As many of you know I'm writing a story about my dog's adventure from Louisiana post hurricane Katrina to joining our little family...
Here's some of the more winning designs I've been working on - of course final colours would be done in watercolour...


Latest news, I was recently published in this month's Feathertale issue of Egregious, as featured artist.
Download it here!

Keep checking back for more work!


Gone to the Animals

A Panda Pan handling for tasty children.
A commentary on how we've destroyed their habitat and food and they are forced to live in proximity to humans - relying on us for food/protection. Thought it would be fun to take WWF's cuddly panda icon and give it a 'dark side'.

Home is where your mattress lays - Muskrat
A comment on how wildlife are forced to adapt to our waste in their habitats. My partner and I actually saw this in life in a ditch in Windsor. The muskrat had made a home in a mattress in a ditch alongside a major road. Unbelievable.
An old piece that I revamped and worked up a bit...(pen ink/watercolour)

Illustration from my colour (pen and ink/watercolour)



This is a promo piece I put together for the production of Sharkwater while working as a designer - it's around 12-15 of Rob Stewart's personal photographs sewn together in photoshop and enhanced with lighting and effects.
The DVD is now out in North America - Please buy it - support an international end to shark finning!

Property of Sharkwater


Animal Rights Issues

Plastic surgery is a human invention, as are fashion and pedigree

People don't grow to fit houses, why should fish grow to fit bowls?

A Cage:The Sky. You do the math.

A dog is not less of a "man" when it's without it's balls. Spay and neuter your pet.

Feathertale Review Illustrations

These were for the Feathertale Review - Issue 2
The topic of the accompanying poetry was poems rejected by Mother Goose.
This one was about a girl who's parents are getting divorced and they are in a one up fight to win their daughters love...

This one was about three girls in a tub...etc etc... :)


My story is being illustrated!

Okay, well, it's been a while, and I found a spare moment, so I figured it was about time for a quick update on my story.
Here's the illustration for the first page.