Animal Rights Issues

Plastic surgery is a human invention, as are fashion and pedigree

People don't grow to fit houses, why should fish grow to fit bowls?

A Cage:The Sky. You do the math.

A dog is not less of a "man" when it's without it's balls. Spay and neuter your pet.


moneythoughts said...

Hi Becka,

That was quick. Yes, I will drop back and check out your art.

I live with a dog and a cat. The cat sleeps on my bed every night. Afew months ago she needed surgery. Now I call her my two thousand dollar cat. :)

I post new art every Saturday. Saturday is a good day for art.


moneythoughts said...

We need universal health care for pets too! :)

Giuliana Tammaro said...

hi! nice illustrations! compliments! take a look to my blog! I'm a painter and a graphic designer.

Climb the Hill said...

I disagree... this dog would not be the same without his... i'm not talking about myself either... dawg.. p.s. not the only one creeping on blogs either

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be the same,I guess for men, it's about survival of our species. I don't know about dogs though.

PS: BBQ was great!